Research to improve biogas production from WWTP sludge by applying iron nanoparticles wrapped in carbon, OPS. 

NILEDAR research project consists of improving biogas production from sludge from Tudela WWTP, applying Zero valence iron nanoparticles encapsulated in a carbon matrix (also called OPS), obtained from a residue from the manufacture of olive oil (vegetable water).

The tests will be carried out in 2 2780L capacity anaerobic digesters with continuous recirculation heating system through a heat exchanger, mechanical agitation system and feeding system through recirculation. Tests will be carried out in parallel in the mesophilic and thermophilic range, that is, each digester will operate at a different temperature while the rest of the parameters will be identical (agitation, VCO, feed, OPS dose...).

The research team of the project is made up of NILSA staff together with the collaboration of SMALLOPS.

Period: 2022