Mejora de la eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad de las depuradoras a través de la valorización del lodo EDAR – ENEDAR

The ENEDAR project arises from the need to transform the wastewater purification stations (WWTP) in energy efficient and resilient infrastructures through the development of technologies that maximize the performance of the anaerobic digestion (DA) of sludge WWTP, and obtain value-added products (energy and biofertilizers) in a profitable way, ensuring the sustainability of the water sector in a context of economic crisis and climate emergency.

The project includes a laboratory phase to determine the operating conditions that will later be carried out on a pilot scale. The processes that ENEDAR is focused on are anaerobic digestion, biogas cleaning and wetland treatment digestate (HTD) by developing and employing innovative materials and processes: carbon-encapsulated Fe nanoparticles (OPS), photoacoustic sensors of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and CH4, and cost-efficient physical-chemical biogas cleaning processes. In addition, a cost-efficient cogeneration system will be implemented for the energy use of the biogas and biomethane produced. The pilot will consist of:

  • An anaerobic digester operated with OPS and a photoacoustic AGV and CH4 sensor4 to control possible inhibitions due to VFA accumulation and CH4 reduction4 in biogas in real time.
  • A cost-efficient physicochemical biogas cleaning process for the simultaneous removal of CO2 and H2S2with the obtaining of a biomethane with a composition CH4 > 95%, CO2 < 2% and elemental sulfur as a byproduct.
  • A nature-based solution for the stabilization (mineralization of volatile matter and dehydration) of AD digestate consisting of an HTD to obtain a 50% mineralized and dehydrated biosolid.
  • A system for energy use of biogas and biomethane (85% efficiency) that contributes to improving the resilience and energy efficiency of the WWTP, reducing the normalized cost of electricity and heat production, compensating for the obtaining of biomethane.

In addition to the operation and optimization of the innovative WWTP sludge recovery pilot, the ENEDAR project will obtain a biofertilizer formulation protocol from the biosolid obtained in the HTD, testing its agronomic capabilities.

Execution period: 2022- 2025


Financing: Project CPP2021-008427 funded by MCIN/AEI /10.13039/501100011033 and by the European Union NextGenerationEU/ PRTR