Research for the design of a net from encapsulated iron nanoparticles, from olive oil residues for the treatment of contaminated water.

The MALLA ALPES research project consists of developing, using nanotechnology, a mesh made from a polymer, such as polypropylene, and zero-valence iron nanoparticles encapsulated in a carbon matrix (also called OPS), obtained from of a residue from the manufacture of olive oil (alpechín), for its application in the industrial cleaning and purification treatment of contaminated water and its subsequent regeneration.

The team of researchers for the project is made up of personnel from SMALLOPS, AITEX, the University of Extremadura and the Almería Solar Platform (CIEMAT-PSA).

Funding Entity/Program: Extremadura joint, co-financed with FEDER Funds. Aid aimed at financing industrial research projects and experimental development for companies in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

Call: Order of October 23, 2020. (DOE no. 211 of October 30)

Period: 2022 – 2023


Green Gas Mobility Summit 2022

On September 21, part of the team was at the Green Gas Mobility fair in Madrid, where we had the opportunity to show all the attendees our first prototype of the MALLA ALPES.