At Smallops, we offer laboratory services to meet your company's needs and challenges. Our commitment to quality, precision and innovation makes us your ideal partner to achieve your scientific and business objectives.

1. Research and Development

En Smallops, llevamos la innovación en el ADN. Colaboramos estrechamente contigo para llevar a cabo proyectos de investigación y desarrollo que impulsen la excelencia en tu industria. Nuestros científicos altamente capacitados están listos para convertir tus ideas en soluciones tangibles y efectivas. Nuestra especialidad, la experimentación de biogás (digestión anaerobia) y la valorización de residuos mediante carbonización hidrotermal.


We have a laboratory equipped with more than 15 digesters, allowing us to carry out all types of exhaustive biogas experiments.

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Nuestro equipo está aquí para asesorarte en cada paso del proceso, buscando siempre la mejor relación tecnoeconómica.

Some of the activities we carry out include:

Biogas and Biomethane generation potential of one or more substrates. This is done through batch tests of biomethanogenic potential (BMP), using digesters between 1 and 6 L capacity which will operate in 1 stage.

Semi-continuous experimentation, using digesters between 1 and 6 L capacity, replicating the activity of an industrial plant: we achieve results that provide the necessary information so that you know the techno-economic viability of your substrates and can make the best decisions.

Optimization of biogas production, either with Smallops nanoparticles, increasing methane production by 20%, or with other types of additives that may be used. We are familiar with work using nanoparticles, bacteria, iron oxides, among others.

Technical service for digestate management in biogas plants

  1. Technical and personalized advice on legislation relating to digestates and plant needs to comply with it.
  2. Implementation of a green and environmentally friendly technology as post-treatment of the digestate to convert it into fertilizer and make it certifiable.
    • Study of the digestate, composition analysis and design of the best technical solution to prevent it from being considered waste.
    • Design and carrying out tests at laboratory level to find the optimal solution for each plant.
    • Advice and industrial design of the process to implement it with the lowest possible cost in the plant. The investment in the type of technology offered by Smallops is minimal and can be amortized in 1-2 years by selling the treated digestate.
  3. Continuous monitoring of the treated digestate obtained and the post-treatment implemented to prevent and solve problems.


Do you have waste that is difficult to manage? 

Are you looking to increase the value of your waste or by-products but don't know how?

At Smallops we are experts in hydrothermal carbonization (HTC), with more than 5 years of experience in the sector, we have been able to perfect and optimize this technology for the treatment of different waste and byproducts such as vegetable water and olive pomance, meat waste, wine waste, etc. 

Hydrothermal carbonization is presented as a transformative way to convert low-value waste into highly beneficial products, thus generating notable added value and increasing its economic profitability. We exemplify this process with the obtaining of biochar or hydrochar from these byproducts, a product that not only stands out as a fertilizer, enhancing the assimilation of nutrients by plants and contributing to the fixation of carbon in the soil, but also It is positioned in the market with a current sales price of €500 per 1000 liters.

This product not only stands out for its profitability in terms of sales, but also for its efficiency in the production process. In situations where waste is naturally rich in carbon, the fixation of this element not only contributes to the final product, but also makes it possible to generate additional income through the sale of carbon credits.

Hydrothermal carbonization not only represents an economic opportunity, but also a sustainable strategy to transform waste into valuable resources and contribute to environmental balance.

Some of the activities we carry out include:

Small-scale biochar and hydrochar production and characterization test with a 2L HTC reactor.

Production and characterization test of biochar and hydrochar on a pilot scale with a 50L HTC reactor.

Escalado de la producción de biochar e hidrochar con un reactor HTC de 5.000L. 

2. Advanced Chemical Analysis

Our team of chemistry experts offers a wide range of accurate and detailed chemical analyses. From composition testing to quality evaluation, we are equipped to provide you with detailed and reliable information about your products and materials.

  • pH analysis
  • Quality Analysis of the biogas produced in terms of CH4, CO2, H2S, O2
  • Analysis of content in total solids, humidity, volatile and inert solids of the digestate and the substrate mixture
  • Análisis de Contenido en polifenoles del sustratos y digestatos
  • Conductivity analysis of the digestate due to the importance of its agronomic and/or composting application
  • Quality Analysis of the biogas produced in terms of H2O and VOCs
  • Elemental analysis (C, N, H, S, O) and the C/N ratio of the digestate, of each substrate and of the substrate mixture
  • Analyze micronutrients and heavy metals in the digestate, each substrate and the substrate mixture

3. Specialized Technical Advice​

Do you need expert guidance? 

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We offer personalized technical advice to solve specific challenges and provide practical and effective solutions. Although we specialize in biogas and hydrothermal carbonization, WE DO MUCH MORE! Don't hesitate to ask.


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