Proveedor de nanopartículas de hierrosupplier of iron nanoparticles (nZVI)
Iron nanoparticles (nZVI) – OPS

There are different suppliers of iron nanoparticles both nationally and internationally. At Smallops we specialize in providing our clients with our own nZVI. Unlike other iron nanoparticles, our nanoparticles are encapsulated in a carbon matrix. This encapsulation gives it increased benefits compared to other iron nanoparticles on the market. All thanks to our production method of iron nanoparticles from oil residues.

Smallops as supplier of iron nanoparticles (nZVI)

Smallops acts as a provider to nZVI for different reasons. We produce our zerovalent iron nanoparticles from olive oil waste. Thanks to our innovative production method for iron nanoparticles, we can provide our customers with nanoparticles at a more affordable price than the competition. Producing and acting as nZVI suppliers helps us to revalue olive oil residues, giving value to a by-product such as olive pomace and vegetable water.

We offer nZVI for different sectors. Currently, we have been suppliers of encapsulated iron nanoparticles for companies and technology centers with research in:

  1. Biogas production improvement
  2. Contaminated water treatment
  3. Hydrogen sulfide removal
  4. Use for construction
  5. CO2 capture
  6. Use as fertilizer
  7. Use as biostimulant

First company in Spain to supply its own Fe nanoparticles

Smallops is the first company established in Spain with the aim of producing iron nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon. Since March 2020 we have dedicated all our efforts to act as producers and suppliers of nZVI for companies and technology centers. We continuously improve thanks to our investment in R&D and we are a reference company for different companies nationwide.


If you are looking for zerovalent iron nanoparticles, do not hesitate to contact us here. We advise you on its use and its applications. You will be buying an environmentally sustainable product manufactured in a circular economy environment. Ask us your questions without obligation! We adapt to your needs.

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