Fertigation Solutions: Maximize Irrigation and Fertilization Efficiency with Smallops Products

Fertigation Solutions: Maximize Irrigation and Fertilization Efficiency with Smallops Products

Fertigation is an agricultural practice that has revolutionized the way we apply water and nutrients to our crops. In this article, we will explore how to improve fertigation and what solutions are driving efficiency and sustainability in agriculture, with a special focus on Smallops products.

What is Fertirrigation and its importance?

Fertigation is a technique that combines the application of water and fertilizers directly to the root zone of plants:

Precise use of resources in fertigation

Fertigation allows for precise distribution of water and nutrients, minimizing waste and maximizing plant uptake.

Minimize nutrient loss thanks to fertigation

Direct application of fertilizers to the root system prevents nutrient leaching and waste, which is beneficial for both crops and the environment. It also makes it possible to have some elements such as Fe, Mn, K, N in dissolved forms that are much more assimilable by the roots.

Fertigation Solutions with Smallops Products 

Smallops offers innovative solutions for fertigation:

Humic Acid Concentrate with Biochar and Enriched

At Smallops we have developed a new Humic Acid Concentrate with biochar, organic and environmentally friendly. We do all this from the valorization of the waste generated in the olive grinding, which allows us to obtain a product of excellent quality based on the circular economy and sustainability.

It should be noted that biochar is usually added to the soil in solid form and is difficult to inject by fertigation, but Smallops technology manages to produce nanometric sizes that are ideal for direct application in irrigation without causing clogging of drippers or scabs on the rubber.

Our Suspended Biochar, enriched with beneficial microorganisms, improves nutrient retention and soil structure when applied through fertigation systems.

Liquid Worm Humus

Smallops Liquid Worm Humus or worm humus leachate is a liquid rich in humic acids and bacteria, ideal as a source of nutrients and especially beneficial microorganisms.

Advantages of Smallops Fertigation Solutions

Our products offer significant advantages:

Increase Nutrient Efficiency

Fertigation with Smallops products maximizes the efficiency of nutrient uptake by plants.

Increase the sustainability of the crop

The reduction of nutrient leaching and the efficient use of water and fertilizers make our solutions environmentally friendly.

In addition, our production method is based on a circular economy and 0 waste model.

Innovation in Agriculture through Fertigation

In conclusion, fertigation solutions are taking agriculture to the next level in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Smallops products, such as Humic Acid Concentrate with Biochar and Liquid Worm Humus, are key allies in this agricultural revolution. Consider using our solutions to improve your agricultural practices and maximize the yield of your crops.

Fertigation Solutions at your disposal

If you are looking for high-quality fertigation solutions, Smallops is your reliable partner in the search for more efficient and sustainable agriculture.